Florence Oloff

List of John Benjamins publications for which Florence Oloff plays a role.


Since Lerner coined the notion of delayed completion in 1989, this recurrent social practice of continuing one’s speaking turn while disregarding an intermediate co-participant’s utterance has not been investigated with regard to embodied displays and actions. A sequential approach to videotaped… read more
Oloff, Florence and Martin Havlík 2018 An initial description of syntactic extensions in spoken CzechPragmatics 28:3, pp. 361–390 | Article
This paper aims to describe different patterns of syntactic extensions of turns-at-talk in mundane conversations in Czech. Within interactional linguistics, same-speaker continuations of possibly complete syntactic structures have been described for typologically diverse languages, but have not yet… read more
Markaki, Vassiliki, Sara Merlino, Lorenza Mondada, Florence Oloff and Véronique Traverso 2013 Chapter 1. Multilingual practices in professional settings: Keeping the delicate balance between progressivity and intersubjectivityExploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism: The DYLAN project, Berthoud, Anne-Claude, François Grin and Georges Lüdi (eds.), pp. 3–32 | Article
Drawing on naturalistic video and audio recordings of international meetings, and within the framework of conversation analysis, ethnomethodology and interactional linguistics, this chapter studies how multilingual resources are mobilized in social interactions among professionals, how available… read more
Mondada, Lorenza and Florence Oloff 2011 Chapter 24. Gestures in overlap: The situated establishment of speakershipIntegrating Gestures: The interdisciplinary nature of gesture, Stam, Gale and Mika Ishino (eds.), pp. 321–338 | Chapter
This paper aims at contributing to the analysis of overlaps in turns-at-talk from both a sequential and a multimodal perspective. Overlaps have been studied within Conversation Analysis by focusing mainly on verbal and vocal resources; taking into account multimodal resources such as gesture,… read more