Janet Spreckels

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This ethnographic and conversation analytical study is based on authentic informal conversations of a group of German adolescent girls. The speakers regularly appropriate bits and pieces of media discourse and embed them in their daily communication. One prominent activity in the group’s… read more
Spreckels, Janet 2009 Now he thinks he's listening to rock music: Identity construction among German teenage girlsYoungspeak in a Multilingual Perspective, Stenström, Anna-Brita and Annette Myre Jørgensen (eds.), pp. 31–53 | Article
This paper deals with disaffiliation and membership categorization processes among German adolescent girls. Drawing on a peer-group which I conceptualize as a ‘community of practice’ (Eckert & McConnell-Ginet 1992), this case study aims to show how the girls’ disaffiliation and categorization of… read more
In recent years, a change in narrative and identity analysis, which Georgakopoulou has called “a ‘new’ narrative turn” (2006, p. 129), has been observed. This term refers to a shift of focus from the traditional “big stories”, i.e., narratives as a well-defined and delineated genre with an… read more