Gilles Grenier

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gilles Grenier plays a role.


We investigate the relative intensity of use of English and French at home for allophone immigrants in the Montreal metropolitan area. We find that the linguistic distances between immigrants’ mother tongues and English and French have an important impact on the relative intensities of use at… read more
Grenier, Gilles 2019 Quebec’s language policy and economic globalization40 Years of Bill 101 in Québec, Vaillancourt, François (ed.), pp. 179–197 | Article
This article examines the economic situation of language groups in Quebec since the 1970s. Particular attention is paid to the contexts of economic globalization, where English has become the most used world lingua franca, and of immigration now being the major source of population growth.… read more
As the use of languages is playing a more and more important role in economic activities with the globalization of the world economy, there is growing interest in the relationship between language and economic theory. The rapidly expanding literature in this field, however, is highly fragmented.… read more