John Archibald

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Language acquisition | Phonology


Drawing on Archibald (2022a, b), the chapter shows how a contrastive hierarchy model of segmental phonology can provide formal model of determining cross-linguistic similarity. Looking primarily at Arabic-French learners of English, the L1 and L2 features (including the markedness value of the… read more | Chapter
The purpose of the study was to examine the efficacy of lexical stress diacritics on the English comprehensibility and accentedness of Korean speakers. To this end, 30 native Korean participants read aloud 15 English sentences without diacritics in the pretest. Then, they were given explicit… read more | Article
Schwartz and Sprouse (2021) argue against property-by-property Transfer (Westergaard, 2021a, b) and for wholesale transfer (Rothman, 2015) into a third language grammar by questioning the cognitive plausibility of “extracting a proper subpart from the … grammar and using that proper sub-system as… read more | Article
Archibald, John 2023 Using a contrastive hierarchy to formalize structural similarity as I-proximity in L3 phonologyStructural similarity across domains in third language acquisition, Kolb, Nadine, Natalia Mitrofanova and Marit Westergaard (eds.), pp. 614–637
In this paper I argue that cross-linguistic similarity in third language acquisition is determined by a structural hierarchy of contrastive phonological features. Such an approach allows us formalize a predictive notion of I-proximity which also provides an explanatory model of L2, and L3… read more | Article
In this study, I investigated the acquisition of L2 German plural allomorphy via a written production task of classroom learners in North America. Trommer (2015) has argued that the mutual exclusivity of marking plural by either an [n] suffix or an umlauted (i.e. [CORONAL]) stem vowel derives from… read more | Chapter
Archibald, John 1989 A lexical model of color spaceLinguistic Categorization: Proceedings of an International Symposium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 10–11, 1987, Corrigan, Roberta, Fred Eckman and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 31–53