Siri Fürst Skogmo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Siri Fürst Skogmo plays a role.


Egan, Thomas and Siri Fürst Skogmo. 2021. Just a moment: Brief times in English and Norwegian. Time in Languages, Languages in Time, Čermáková, Anna, Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård and Sylvi Rørvik (eds.), pp. 155–180
This chapter investigates two temporal lexemes, English moment and Norwegian øyeblikk, which may encode either a point in time (‘x happened at time y’) or an interval of time (‘x lasted for time y’). The data for the study comprise all instances of the two lexemes in the English and Norwegian… read more | Chapter
Nacey, Susan and Siri Fürst Skogmo. 2021. Learner translation of metaphor: Smooth sailing?. Metaphor in Education: A multilingual perspective, Ahlgren, Katrin, Anne Golden and Ulrika Magnusson (eds.), pp. 212–234
This article explores metaphor translation strategies of novice translators: university students translating from L1 Norwegian to L2 English. We first describe the translation strategies they employ in their translated texts, thereby offering evidence of what translators do with metaphor based on… read more | Article