Junko Iwasaki

List of John Benjamins publications for which Junko Iwasaki plays a role.


Kawaguchi, Satomi and Junko Iwasaki 2023 Chapter 5. Acquiring content questions in Japanese child second languageProcessability and Language Acquisition in the Asia-Pacific Region, Kawaguchi, Satomi, Bruno Di Biase and Yumiko Yamaguchi (eds.), pp. 115–143
This longitudinal study examines the development of Japanese content questions in an English L1-Japanese L2 child within the Processability Theory (Pienemann, 1998). Our informant, John, started learning Japanese from 6;3 at a Japanese school in Australia. The data were collected between… read more | Chapter
In recent times Processability Theory (PT) (Pienemann, 1998) has extensively supported findings from studies of a range of languages acquired as an L2, including Japanese (Di Biase & Kawaguchi 2002). Following the acquisition criteria proposed by Pienemann (1998), the current study analyses the… read more | Article
Iwasaki, Junko and Rhonda Oliver 2003 Chat-Line interaction and negative feedbackAsian Languages and Computers, Hoven, Debra and Jeong-Bae Son (eds.), pp. 60–73
In recent years researchers have investigated the use of Internet applications for language and cultural learning. While this new technology seems to have provided an educational breakthrough, relatively little linguistic research has been conducted particularly in relation to second language… read more | Article