Björn Hammarberg

List of John Benjamins publications for which Björn Hammarberg plays a role.


Hammarberg, Björn 2018 L3, the tertiary languageForeign Language Education in Multilingual Classrooms, Bonnet, Andreas and Peter Siemund (eds.), pp. 127–150 | Chapter
The fact that learners of a new language often already have experience of one or more other non-native languages has come into focus with the growing interest in multilingualism as a linguistic phenomenon and multilingual education as a practical concern. Third language or L3 has become a regular… read more
The Processability Theory (PT), originating from the German ZISA Project and recently revised by Pienemann (1993, in prep.), claims that the order of grammatical development in a second language is determined by a hierarchy of psycholinguistic constraints on the processability of grammatical… read more