Lizette Peter

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lizette Peter plays a role.


Palmer, Deborah K., Susan Ballinger and Lizette Peter 2014 Classroom interaction in one-way, two-way, and indigenous immersion contextsLanguage Immersion Education: A research agenda for 2015 and beyond, Tedick, Diane J. and Siv Björklund (eds.), pp. 225–240
How much and what kinds of classroom interaction best promote language and content learning in different immersion contexts? We review trends and major concerns for classroom interaction research in three language immersion contexts: two-way immersion, one-way immersion, and indigenous language… read more | Article
Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma has enacted a revitalization plan to promote Cherokee language in a variety of settings, and many tribal citizens have begun to confront how language factors into their identities as Cherokees. In particular, Tsalagi Dideloquasdi, the Cherokee immersion school, has… read more | Article