Patrick G. Grosz

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Subjects Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Grosz, Patrick G. 2022 Chapter 9. Scalarity as a meaning atom in wohl -type particlesParticles in German, English, and Beyond, Gergel, Remus, Ingo Reich and Augustin Speyer (eds.), pp. 243–268
German wohl ‘well’, Norwegian vel ‘well’ and French bien ‘well’ are all known to have a modal particle reading that roughly amounts to ‘surely, probably, I guess’ (see Zimmermann 2008; Fretheim 1991; Detges & Waltereit 2009). This paper addresses the question of how such a reading could have arisen… read more | Chapter
Grosz, Patrick G. 2014 Modal particles in rationale clauses and related constructionsModes of Modality: Modality, typology, and universal grammar, Leiss, Elisabeth and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 263–290
This paper discusses the connection between sentential modality (e.g. the modality introduced by a modal auxiliary such as may or must) and the force of an utterance. This connection is explored with a focus on the German particles ruhig/bloß/JA, which typically occur in modalized declaratives and… read more | Article
Grosz, Patrick G. and Pritty Patel-Grosz 2014 Agreement and verb types in Kutchi GujaratiThe Lexicon–Syntax Interface: Perspectives from South Asian languages, Chandra, Pritha and Richa Srishti (eds.), pp. 217–244
This paper explores the φ-agreement system in Kutchi Gujarati, focusing on canonical transitive cases and on non-canonical cases involving psych predicates and modal auxiliaries. Based on the agreement pattern in the future perfect, we argue that φ-agreement in Kutchi Gujarati involves two… read more | Article