Wolfgang Imo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wolfgang Imo plays a role.


Imo, Wolfgang 2015 Temporality and syntactic structure: utterance-final intensifiers in spoken GermanTemporality in Interaction, Deppermann, Arnulf and Susanne Günthner (eds.), pp. 147–172 | Article
In German syntax, the so-called right verb brace, which is occupied either by the non-finite parts of the verb or a predicative, signals a strong syntactic boundary of a clause after which – at least from a normative perspective – only few further elements are allowed to occur. Nevertheless, in… read more
The German “complement-taking predicate” (Thompson/Mulac 1984, 1991) glauben occurs in a number of different syntactic constructions. For example, it can be realized as part of a matrix clause followed by a subordinate clause with or without a complementizer. As the term “complement-taking… read more