Anouschka Foltz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anouschka Foltz plays a role.


Research on syntactic priming in typically-developing monolingual children has focused on when abstract syntactic representations first emerge and on which mechanisms can explain syntactic priming effects in acquisition. Much of this work has focused on the English passive (but also dative… read more
Rohlfing, Katharina, Kerstin Nachtigäller, Anna Berner and Anouschka Foltz 2019 Chapter 4. Does emotional narrative context influence retention of newly learned words?Narrative, Literacy and Other Skills: Studies in intervention, Veneziano, Edy and Ageliki Nicolopoulou (eds.), pp. 91–107 | Chapter
In this pilot study, we hypothesized that emotional information in stories allows children to become involved in the verbal interaction. This involvement, in turn, might result in improving children’s ability to learn new words. To test this hypothesis, 20 German-speaking 2-year-old children… read more