Angela Swain

List of John Benjamins publications for which Angela Swain plays a role.


Swain, Angela, Juan Berríos and Matthew Kanwit 2023 Chapter 3. Exploring future-in-the-past variation in Seville and Caracas: ¿Cambiaría o Iba a Cambiar?Innovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics: Regional, diachronic, and learner profile variation, Fernández Cuenca, Sara, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller (eds.), pp. 58–80 | Chapter
Research on Spanish future-time expression has revealed a diachronic rise for the periphrastic future. However, future-in-the-past expression remains understudied. Two common variants are the periphrastic future in the imperfect (e.g., iba a bailar ‘I was going to dance’) and the conditional (e. read more