Louise Esher

List of John Benjamins publications for which Louise Esher plays a role.


In several varieties of Catalan, Valencian and Occitan, inflectional exponents originating in the imperfect subjunctive (reflex of Latin pluperfect subjunctive) are analogically extended into the first and second person plural present subjunctive forms, resulting in syncretism between present… read more
Esher, Louise 2016 Morphomic distribution of augments in varieties of OccitanRevue Romane 51:2, pp. 271–306 | Article
This study examines the distribution and function of ‘augments’ within modern Occitan verb paradigms. Most augments in Occitan are reflexes of the Latin ingressive infix -(Ī/Ē)SC-, as in other Romance languages; but Occitan has also developed novel inflectional formatives which display similar… read more
This study examines the morphological behaviour of the infinitive in French and Occitan in diachrony, finding that the infinitive and the rest of the verb paradigm exhibit differential behaviour. The infinitive is the last member of the paradigm to undergo analogical change, or undergoes an… read more
In mediaeval Gallo-Romance, due to regular sound change, the reflexes of Latin perfectum forms develop stem allomorphy linked to alternation between rhizotonic and arrhizotonic stress. Both the allomorphy and the stress alternation are subsequently eradicated. By contrast, in early Italo-Romance,… read more
In this study I investigate the extent to which the formal identity of infinitive, future stem and conditional stem persists in a number of varieties of Occitan, a Gallo-Romance language spoken in southern France, and the consequences of these developments for diachronic morphology, in particular… read more