Lahousseine Id-youss

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lahousseine Id-youss plays a role.


Id-youss, Lahousseine and Abied Alsulaiman 2023 On the interaction between legal and religious conceptsHandbook of Terminology: Volume 3. Legal Terminology, Biel, Łucja and Hendrik J. Kockaert (eds.), pp. 224–241 | Chapter
Legal concepts differ in each individual society reflecting the differences in that society (Cao 2007, 2010). They form part of nationally contained legal systems with their own terminological apparatus and underlying conceptual structure, their own rules of classification (Šarčević 1997). These… read more
Id-youss, Lahousseine and Abied Alsulaiman 2019 Chapter 9. Linguistic inferiority in software localizationHandbook of Terminology: Volume 2. Terminology in the Arab world, Alsulaiman, Abied and Ahmed Allaithy (eds.), pp. 217–234 | Chapter
Software localization constitutes an important economic and cultural activity. It involves producing a version of a software product in a different language (the target language) than the language of the original version (the source language). The technical challenges associated with software… read more