Eliane Lorenz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Eliane Lorenz plays a role.


Siemund, Peter and Eliane Lorenz 2024 Chapter 5. Multilingual advantages: On the relationship between type of bilingualism and language knowledgeMultifaceted Multilingualism, Grohmann, Kleanthes K. (ed.), pp. 123–151 | Chapter
In this contribution, we provide a critical reassessment of multilingual advantages, especially in the context of learning additional languages. Although there is widespread agreement that multilingual experience enhances language learning, a precise definition of the relevant conditions remains… read more
The study aims to work towards a diachronic reconstruction of pragmatic particles in Colloquial Singapore English (CSE, also known as “Singlish”) by exploiting an unused historical data source: The Oral History Interviews held by the National Archives of Singapore (OHI-NAS). We investigate the… read more
This study investigates the relationship between (extra)linguistic variables and proficiency in a foreign language. Based on 1,403 secondary school students in Germany (age 12/13 and 14/15), we assess whether proficiency in German, if applicable also Russian or Turkish, cognitive ability, school… read more
The development towards an ever more multilingual society has an influence on the awareness of (multiple) language acquisition, the need for mastering foreign languages and the fact that nowadays, school children within one class do not come from just one but a number of societies and have… read more