Anders Steinvall

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anders Steinvall plays a role.


Steinvall, Anders. 2011. The power of colour term precision: The use of non-basic colour terms 
in nineteenth-century English travelogues 
about northern Scandinavia. New Directions in Colour Studies, Biggam, Carole P., Carole Hough, Christian Kay and David R. Simmons (eds.), pp. 219–232
In this paper I analyze and discuss the effects of the use of specific colour vocabulary employed by five English-speaking travelogue writers visiting northern Scandinavia in the nineteenth century. The number of different colour terms (types) and their frequency of occurrence (tokens) as well as… read more | Article
Steinvall, Anders. 2007. Color and emotions in English. Anthropology of Color: Interdisciplinary multilevel modeling, MacLaury, Robert E., Galina V. Paramei and Don Dedrick (eds.), pp. 347–362
This paper presents a corpus study of collocational patterns of English color and emotion words. A collection of 50 color terms and 135 emotion terms served as the starting point for the search of patterns. The obtained patterns are described and analysed with regard to salience from two different… read more | Article