Tamás Halm

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Approaches to Hungarian 17: Special issue of the Journal on Uralic Linguistics 1:2 (2022)

Edited by Tamás Halm, Elizabeth Coppock and Balázs Surányi

Special issue of Journal of Uralic Linguistics 1:2 (2022) v, 130 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages


The interdependence of accusative case and object agreement has changed dramatically during the history of Ugric languages. While Proto-Ugric exhibited full interdependence (mediated by topicality), this connection has loosened in the extant Ob-Ugric languages (Mansi and Khanty), and it is… read more
The present paper is a corpus-based study of the Voice Cycle in Hungarian. Based on data from the Old Hungarian Corpus and the Hungarian Historical Corpus, I will argue that while in Old Hungarian, middle voice was encoded through a separate inflectional paradigm (contextual allomorphy in the… read more
Halm, Tamás 2015 Free Choice and Aspect in HungarianApproaches to Hungarian: Volume 14: Papers from the 2013 Piliscsaba Conference, Kiss, Katalin É., Balázs Surányi and Éva Dékány (eds.), pp. 167–185 | Article
The goal of this paper is to explore the interaction of verbal particles and FCIs in Hungarian. Our proposed solution is that sentences containing verbal particles and FCIs are interpreted as generics/habituals, where the FC-phrase (analyzed as a dependent indefinite) is bound (and thus, licensed)… read more