Anne Schwarz

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Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


This article describes nonverbal predication in Ecuadorian Secoya, an underdescribed West Tukanoan language. The repertoire includes a particle copula with restricted verbal features, a locative-existential copula verb which fulfills an auxiliary function with verbal and nonverbal predicates, and… read more | Chapter
Fiedler, Ines and Anne Schwarz 2010 IntroductionThe Expression of Information Structure: A documentation of its diversity across Africa, Fiedler, Ines and Anne Schwarz (eds.), pp. vii–xii
The article investigates the role of a group of cognate “ME”-particles in the complex focus systems of four Gur languages. On the basis of new data it is revealed that the particles have a presuppositional structure and mark narrow focus on the verb’s denotation or on verbal operators in varying… read more | Article