Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh plays a role.


Al-Azzam, Bakri, Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh and Majed Al-Quran 2022 Jordanian Arabic euphemizers in English translationBabel 68:4, pp. 477–497 | Article
This study investigates a special category of euphemism, i.e., euphemizers (Farghal 2012). It makes a key distinction between euphemism which is normally engineered to mitigate the impact of a certain specific expression in a structure through substituting it by a milder one, and euphemizer… read more
Al-Kharabsheh, Aladdin and Khalid Houji 2019 On the translatability of Qur’anic punFORUM 17:2, pp. 127–148 | Article
This paper explores the translatability of Qur’anic pun. With reference to a phalanx of authoritative Qur’anic exegetes and three leading Qur’anic translations, and by drawing on ʿAtīq’s (1985) taxonomy of Arabic pun, and Delabastita’s (2004) model of pun translation, the study examines a… read more
Al-Kharabsheh, Aladdin 2017 Quality in consecutive interpreting: A relevance-theoretic perspectiveBabel 63:1, pp. 21–42 | Article
Given the lack of sensitization to the multi-dimensional concept of quality, and given the versatility of the concept of relevance, the present investigation attempts to examine the premise that Relevance Theory (RT) can function as a standard or a benchmark for maximizing and/or optimizing… read more
Al-Azzam, Bakri and Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh 2013 The theme of fakhr (self-exaltation) in the translation of Antara’s Mu‘allaqaBabel 59:3, pp. 288–309 | Article
This paper investigates the possibility of translating, into English, Antara’s <i>Fakhr</i> (self-exaltation), as a prominent theme in his renowned <i>Mu‘allaqa</i>. The theoretical framework rests on the supposition that a literary work in general and pre-Islamic poetry in particular must be… read more
Al-Kharabsheh, Aladdin and Bakri Al-Azzam 2008 Translating the invisible in the Qur'anBabel 54:1, pp. 1–18 | Article