Peter Ecke

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Acquiring nouns’ grammatical gender, corresponding articles, and their morphological variants is one of the biggest challenges for adult learners of German. In this study, we analyze determiner noun phrases (NPs) produced orally by Spanish L1/English L2 beginning learners of German L3. We explore… read more | Chapter
Ecke, Peter and Christopher J. Hall. 2021. The Parasitic Model: Lexical acquisition and its impact on morphosyntactic transfer. Epistemological issue: Sources of knowledge in L3 acquisition, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 45–49
This chapter reviews resources for research on and practice of multilingualism and L3 acquisition. It presents and describes (1) associations, organizations, and networks, (2) research journals and magazines for the general public, (3) book series, and (4) research bibliographies devoted to the… read more | Chapter