Tommaso Russo Cardona

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Dimensions of gesture

Edited by Adam Kendon † and Tommaso Russo Cardona

Special issue of Gesture 8:1 (2008) 153 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Gesture Studies | Signed languages


Russo Cardona, Tommaso 2008 Metaphors in sign languages and in co-verbal gesturingDimensions of gesture, Kendon, Adam † and Tommaso Russo Cardona (eds.), pp. 62–81
In analyses of the grammatical structure of sign languages (Liddell, 2003), “classifier forms” which play a major role in these spatialised grammars, are looked upon as a “gestural” component of sign language. Kendon (2004) pointed out that some of the organizational principles of co-verbal… read more | Article