Ulrike Jessner

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Metacognition has been increasingly discussed as one of the main features of learning in the 21st century (see Haukås, Bjørke, & Dypedahl, 2018). In the Dynamic Model of Multilingualism Theory (DMM) (Herdina & Jessner 2002), which applies Complexity and Dynamic Systems Theory (CDST) to… read more | Article
Research methodology is determined by theoretical approaches. This article discusses methods of multilingualism research in connection with theoretical developments in linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and education. Taking a brief glance at the past, the article starts with a… read more | Article
In this article multilingual education is discussed in connection and comparison with bilingual education. An overview of the various forms of multilingual education and teaching is presented, focusing on the socio- and psycholinguistic aspects of multilingual learning. The question of the ideal… read more | Chapter