Tania Strahan

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Narrative in ‘societies of intimates’

Edited by Lesley Stirling, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas

Special issue of Narrative Inquiry 26:2 (2016) v, 308 pp.
Subjects Narrative Studies


Strahan, Tania and Lesley Stirling 2016 “What the hell was in that wine?”: Entitlement to launch and develop stories within a multiparty contextNarrative in ‘societies of intimates’, Stirling, Lesley, Jennifer Green, Tania Strahan and Susan Douglas (eds.), pp. 430–480 | Article
We consider a corpus of conversational narratives which arise in the complex, multiparty setting of pre- and post-game stretching sessions of a women’s elite basketball team. Our focus is on the characteristics of story openings within this corpus, and we consider how stories are launched; how… read more