Vahideh Rasekhi

List of John Benjamins publications for which Vahideh Rasekhi plays a role.


Rasekhi, Vahideh 2023 Chapter 3. Why-stripping in PersianAdvances in Iranian Linguistics II, Karimi, Simin, Narges Nematollahi, Roya Kabiri and Jian Gang Ngui (eds.), pp. 81–99 | Chapter
I provide an account of why-stripping in Persian, in which there is a wh-phrase remnant cherā why and a non-wh-phrase remnant. This structure looks similar to sluicing with why, in which there is only a wh-phrase remnant cherā why. I argue that even though both structures involve clausal… read more
Rasekhi, Vahideh 2020 Chapter 12. Stripping structures with negation in PersianAdvances in Iranian Linguistics, Larson, Richard K., Sedigheh Moradi and Vida Samiian (eds.), pp. 257–274 | Chapter
In this chapter, I introduce two novel Stripping constructions from Persian that occur with negation. I refer to these constructions as Polarity Stripping and Negative Stripping. I argue that they involve clausal coordination, and that in the second coordinate, the entire clause except for a… read more