A. Koet

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Dutch students of EngHsh at the tertiary level will usually have to pass a pronunciation test of some kind or other if they are to obtain their degree or certification. It is not entirely clear what factors determine their success of failure on these tests. In this study three groups of judges… read more
At d'Witte Leli it seems that students of English whose native language is not Dutch experience greater difficulties in acquiring a sufficient oral proficiency than students whose lan-guage is Dutch. A study of some Turkish and Moroccan students suggests that they have several characteristic… read more
Koet, A. 1981 Plat Nederlands Is Slecht EngelsFonetiek en vreemde-talenonderwijs, pp. 44–51 | Article
It is sometimes said that those who do not speak their native language with the standard accent will also experience difficulties in acquiring the pronunciation of a foreign language. It would not be easy to demonstrate that this general statement is correct. Data collected from first year students… read more