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La négation dans les langues romanes

Sous la direction de Franck Floricic

Subjects Romance linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Floricic, Franck and Lucia Molinu 2018 Chapter 18. Are Sardinian vocatives perfectly regular?Structuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond: In honour of Leonardo M. Savoia, Grimaldi, Mirko, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco and Benedetta Baldi (eds.), pp. 271–282
The aim of this contribution is to honor Leonardo Savoia with some reflections concerning a topic which has received little attention until recent years: the case of Vocatives. If according to D’Alessandro & Van Oostendorp (2016: 78) Vocatives are perfectly regular, typological data show on the… read more | Chapter
Floricic, Franck 2013 ‘Bare quantifiers’ and topics in ItalianNew Perspectives on Bare Noun Phrases in Romance and Beyond, Kabatek, Johannes and Albert Wall (eds.), pp. 255–282
The concept expressed by expressions like qualcosa (‘something’)/qualcuno ‘someone’ has given rise to a large amount of literature. In most cases, the semantics of these markers is assimilated to the existential operator ∃. Needless to say, their actual use and their distributional constraints show… read more | Article
Floricic, Franck 2007 IntroductionLa négation dans les langues romanes, Floricic, Franck (dir.), pp. vii–xi
Floricic, Franck et Françoise Mignon 2007 Négation et réduplication intensive en français et en italienLa négation dans les langues romanes, Floricic, Franck (dir.), pp. 117–136