Paola Catenaccio

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Terminology, Ideology and Discourse

Edited by Katia Peruzzo and Paola Catenaccio

Special issue of Terminology 30:1 (2024) v, 158 pp.


Peruzzo, Katia and Paola Catenaccio 2024 Introduction: Terminology, ideology and discourseTerminology, Ideology and Discourse, Peruzzo, Katia and Paola Catenaccio (eds.), pp. 1–10 | Introduction
Catenaccio, Paola 2022 Chapter 2. A corpus-driven exploration of conspiracy theorising as a discourse type: Lexical indicators of argumentative patterningConspiracy Theory Discourses, Demata, Massimiliano, Virginia Zorzi and Angela Zottola (eds.), pp. 25–48 | Chapter
This chapter takes a view of conspiracy theorising as a discourse type and seeks to identify candidate linguistic features of such discourse in a corpus of books devoted to 9/11 conspiracy theories. Adopting a corpus-driven approach, the study identifies three discursive traits which appear… read more
This study investigates the discursive strategies of self-legitimation enacted by pharmaceutical companies during the 1998 drug-access crisis debate in South Africa, framing them within the context of the then emerging discourse of corporate social responsibility. The crisis erupted when… read more
Catenaccio, Paola 2008 Press releases as a hybrid genre: Addressing the informative/promotional conundrumThe discourse of news management, Jacobs, Geert and Henk Pander Maat (eds.), pp. 9–31 | Article
Press releases are short pieces of writing issued by companies or institutions to communicate newsworthy information to the journalist community on the one hand, and to the general public (indirectly through newspaper reporting, or, increasingly, directly by making press releases available on… read more