Andrew McIntyre

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrew McIntyre plays a role.


McIntyre, Andrew 2013 Adjectival passives and adjectival participles in EnglishNon-Canonical Passives, Alexiadou, Artemis and Florian Schäfer (eds.), pp. 21–42 | Article
The article analyses English adjectival participles, arguing that (i) there is a previously unrecognized type of adjectival participle which expresses an in-progress situation; (ii) Themes in adjectival participles are initially merged outside the participle’s projection; (iii) the standard claim… read more
McIntyre, Andrew 2006 The interpretation of German datives and English haveDatives and Other Cases: Between argument structure and event structure, Hole, Daniel, André Meinunger and Werner Abraham (eds.), pp. 185–211 | Article