Brian Lambkin

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Two previous articles proposed the reframing of metaphors for metaphor and time in terms of migration as a device or tool for promoting public understanding. They addressed the difficulty in the social world of explaining the world of metaphor and the world of time (Lambkin, 2012, 2014). The latter… read more | Article
A previous article about the use of migration as a metaphor was concerned particularly with migration as a metaphor for metaphor (Lambkin, 2012). Here the concern is with migration as a metaphor for time, particularly as a metaphor for accessing the past and the future from the present. Two related… read more | Article
This article is concerned with migration as a metaphor for metaphor. Metaphor is generally recognised an essential tool in the promotion of public understanding of difficult subjects and this begs the question of what metaphors are available for promoting the understanding of metaphor itself. A… read more | Article