Veronika Egger (is-design GmbH)

List of John Benjamins publications for which Veronika Egger (is-design GmbH) plays a role.


Egger (is-design GmbH), Veronika 2016 Licht. Sehen. Gestalten. by Walter WittingTraffic & Transport: Part II, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 179–180 | Review
Egger (is-design GmbH), Veronika 2016 The virtual railway station: Wayfinding experiences in a virtual environment and their application to realityTraffic & Transport: Part II, Simlinger, Peter (ed.), pp. 116–126 | Article
In a fully immersive virtual environment that modeled the new Vienna Central Station this research project investigated to what extent virtual reality might serve to evaluate the quality of orientation signage. From an information design point of view, two questions were particularly relevant: (1)… read more
Egger (is-design GmbH), Veronika 2013 Wayshowing > Wayfinding Basic & Interactive. Per MollerupInformation Design Journal 20:3, p.  | Review
Bright, Keith and Veronika Egger (is-design GmbH) 2008 Using visual contrast for effective, inclusive environmentsHighlights of Vision Plus 12: Information Design - Achieving Measurable Results, Strand, Lennart and Peter Simlinger (eds.), pp. 178–189 | Article
Colour and lighting play important and unique roles in the way people enjoy environment or spaces. There is a constant interaction between people and the colours that surround them which not only affects the way they move around within the space but also determines how safe, secure and confident… read more