Kalyanamalini Sahoo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kalyanamalini Sahoo plays a role.


Sahoo, Kalyanamalini and Maarten Lemmens 2017 Degrees of mirativityThe Linguistic Expression of Mirativity, Celle, Agnès and Anastasios Tsangalidis (eds.), pp. 343–384 | Article
This paper studies degrees of mirativity as grammaticalised in the Indo-Aryan language Odia by four light verb constructions, asymmetric complex predicates combining a lexical verb with a (partially) bleached light verb. As such, these light verb constructions can be considered non-parasitic… read more
Beermann, Dorothee, Kalyanamalini Sahoo and Lars Hellan 2007 What is ‘Argument Sharing’? A Case Study on Argument Sharing under VP-Serialization in OriyaLinguistic Theory and South Asian Languages: Essays in honour of K. A. Jayaseelan, Bayer, Josef, Tanmoy Bhattacharya and M.T. Hany Babu (eds.), pp. 15–28 | Article
The paper discusses some possible interpretations of the notion ‘argument sharing’ in the analysis of Oriya serial verb constructions (SVCs). The paper in particular addresses the notion of ‘token-sharing’. We argue that the concept of token-sharing, although, due to its rigour, theoretically the… read more
Sahoo, Kalyanamalini 2006 ‘Argument sharing’ in Oriya serial verb constructionsCase, Valency and Transitivity, Kulikov, Leonid, Andrej L. Malchukov and Peter de Swart (eds.), pp. 203–221 | Article
Sahoo, Kalyanamalini 2003 Oriya. Linguistic and socio-cultural implications of gendered structures in OriyaGender Across Languages: The linguistic representation of women and men, Hellinger, Marlis and Hadumod Bußmann (eds.), pp. 239–257 | Article
1.Introduction 2.Gender in Oriya 2.1Referential gender 2.2Gender marking 2.2.1Suffixation (derivation) 2.2.2Compounding 2.2.3Adjectival modification 2.3Lexical gender 3.Women and men in Oriya society 4.Address forms 4.1Kinship terms used as terms of address 4.2Address forms and… read more