Olivier Moliner

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Standard Languages and Multilingualism in European History

Edited by Matthias Hüning, Ulrike Vogl and Olivier Moliner

Subjects Historical linguistics | Language policy | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Moliner, Olivier, Ulrike Vogl and Matthias Hüning 2013 Chapter 19. Europe’s multilingualism in the context of a European culture of standard languagesExploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism: The DYLAN project, Berthoud, Anne-Claude, François Grin and Georges Lüdi (eds.), pp. 407–428
Starting from the central DYLAN question as to the conditions under which Europeans consider multilingualism as an advantage or as a drawback, the present chapter primarily discusses the historical aspects of European multilingualism. Methodically, many of the aspects dealt with are based on an… read more | Article