Richard Holt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard Holt plays a role.


This article addresses an ongoing and persistent problem of imbalance between similarity and difference in cultural description by proposing a way to simultaneously explore both similarity and difference, relying on the principles of Russian literary and cultural critic Mikhail Bakhtin. Five… read more | Article
In the article, we analyze how names for China are used by five ROC presidents in National Day speeches over 58 years (1949–2007), including “communist bandits”; “Chinese communists”; “mainland” and “opposite shore/both shores”; “China”; and “People’s Republic of China.” Each name registers unique… read more | Article
Chang, Hui-Ching and Richard Holt. 2009. “New Taiwanese”: Evolution of an identity project in the narratives of United Daily News. Media Discourse in Greater China, Kuo, Sai-hua and Doreen D. Wu (eds.), pp. 259–288
This study explores how “New Taiwanese” was offered and constructed as a viable identity category for people in Taiwan through the news discourse of the United Daily News (UDN) referenced in 922 news reports between 1987 and 2007. From the term’s first appearance in 1987, its promulgation as… read more | Article