Mareike Böhmer

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Böhmer, Mareike 2022 Eine strukturelle Untersuchung der „Erzählungen des alten Besenbinders Jens Drefsen“ von Christian JohansenFrom West to North Frisia: A Journey along the North Sea Coast, Walker, Alastair, Eric Hoekstra, Goffe Jensma, Wendy Vanselow, Willem Visser and Christoph Winter (eds.), pp. 43–60 | Chapter
The “Erzählungen des alten Besenbinders Jens Drefsen” by Christian Johansen is a complex framework story. The short stories found in it are contained in two frames at different time levels. There are similarities between this story and the “Friesische Sagen und Erzählungen” by Christian Peter… read more