Gabriel Cabrera Méndez

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gabriel Cabrera Méndez plays a role.


Lázaro Gutiérrez, Raquel and Gabriel Cabrera Méndez 2021 How COVID-19 changed telephone interpreting in SpainLocalization in Healthcare and Medical Settings in the Advent of COVID-19, O'Hagan, Minako and Julie McDonough Dolmaya (eds.), pp. 137–155 | Article
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, telephone interpreters in Spain were used to communicating administrative issues, medical instructions, and even humanitarian social assistance rendered by social workers and psychologists. However, since March 2020 these interactions have been heavily replaced by… read more
Lázaro Gutiérrez, Raquel and Gabriel Cabrera Méndez 2019 Chapter 2. Context and pragmatic meaning in telephone interpretingTechnology Mediated Service Encounters, Garcés-Conejos Blitvich, Pilar, Lucía Fernández-Amaya and María de la O Hernández-López (eds.), pp. 45–68 | Chapter
Remote and telephone interpreting involve a number of skills that must be acquired. For instance, telephone interpreters cannot take into account their first impression of the situation before starting work as, because of reasons of practicality, briefing is rarely possible. Thus, it is typically… read more