Benjamin Slade

List of John Benjamins publications for which Benjamin Slade plays a role.


Csirmaz, Anikó and Benjamin Slade 2020 Anatomy of Hungarian aspectual particlesApproaches to Hungarian: Volume 16: Papers from the 2017 Budapest Conference, Hegedűs, Veronika and Irene Vogel (eds.), pp. 25–46
The paper explores a common core of meaning that various aspectual adverbials in Hungarian (including megint, ismét ‘again’, még ‘still’) share. It is proposed that there is a general definition for various aspectual elements related to times and events. We suggest that some components of those… read more | Chapter
Slade, Benjamin 2019 Quantifier particle environmentsLinguistic Variation 19:2, pp. 280–351
I examine the set of environments in which KA-type quantifier particles appear crosslinguistically. These environments include interrogatives, disjunctions, indefinites, all of which arguably involve elements with Hamblin-type ‘alternative’ semantic values. I show that if KA-particles are assigned… read more | Article
This study examines two distinctive neologistic processes within Rasta Talk. (1) Overstanding is morphological refashioning of a word that replaces morphemes (actual or perceived) which are misaligned with respect to the connotations of the word itself. Thus the word understanding, bearing positive… read more | Article
This study examines the historical development of light verbs in Indo-Aryan. I investigate the origins of the modern Indo-Aryan compound verb construction, and compare this construction with other light verb constructions in Indo-Aryan. Examination of the antecedents of the Indo-Aryan compound verb… read more | Article