Ashwini Deo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ashwini Deo plays a role.


Fuchs, Martín, Ashwini Deo and Maria Mercedes Piñango 2020 The Progressive-to-Imperfective shift: Contextually determined variation in Rioplatense, Iberian, and Mexican Altiplano SpanishHispanic Linguistics: Current issues and new directions, Morales-Front, Alfonso, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 119–136 | Chapter
Spanish has two markers (claimed to be in free alternation) to convey that an event is in progress at reference time: the Simple Present (e.g., canta, ‘sings’) and the Present Progressive (e.g., está cantando, ‘is singing’). Based on evidence from sentence acceptability studies in three different… read more
Katsika, Argyro, David Braze, Ashwini Deo and Maria Mercedes Piñango 2012 Complement Coercion: Distinguishing between type-shifting and pragmatic inferencingThe Mental Lexicon 7:1, pp. 58–76 | Article
Although Complement Coercion has been systematically associated with computational cost, there remains a serious confound in the experimental evidence built up in previous studies. The confound arises from the fact that lexico-semantic differences within the set of verbs assumed to involve coercion… read more
Sharma, Devyani and Ashwini Deo 2010 Chapter 8. A new methodology for the study of aspect in contact: Past and progressive in Indian EnglishAspect in Grammatical Variation, Walker, James A. (ed.), pp. 111–130 | Article