M. Boot

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In this paper a system will be described that enables the design of a series of computer programs ("modules") for the automatic treatment of homography.By homography we mean the ambiguity between the graphic representation of word forms belonging to different syntactic classes.By automatic… read more
Boot, M. 1981 Vocabulaire en Computer.Woorden in het vreemde-talenonderwijs, pp. 7–16 | Article
In computational linguistics three classes of models have been developed for the automated treatment of texts in natural language. One class is best characterized as a set model. Language is defined as a set of words. On these words normal arithmetic computations are performed. The set model has… read more
The paper is concerned with some problems of system analysis. The problems are not mathematically defined. They are concerned with the syntactic parsing of large language corpuses, which are not artificially restricted. (PASP). After the discussion of some strategies for PASP developed in the… read more