Daniel Berounský

Daniel Berounský

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Tibetan Margins

Guest-edited by Daniel Berounský and Jarmila Ptáčková

Special issue of Archív Orientální 84:3 (2016) iv, 195 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Other African languages


Berounský, Daniel. 2016. Bird Offerings in the Old Tibetan Myths of the Nyen Collection (Gnyan ’bum). Tibetan Margins, Berounský, Daniel and Jarmila Ptáčková (eds.), pp. 527–559
The article introduces a corpus of Tibetan texts containing apparently old Tibetan myths on the Nyen (gnyan); beings representing the natural environment. The myths mostly narrate their conflicts with the original people, which are eventually resolved by ritual means. These texts are known as the… read more | Article
Berounský, Daniel. 2016. Guest Editor’s Note. Tibetan Margins, Berounský, Daniel and Jarmila Ptáčková (eds.), pp. 463–465