Roberto Garvía

List of John Benjamins publications for which Roberto Garvía plays a role.


Garvía, Roberto 2019 Sotos Ochando’s language movementLanguage Problems and Language Planning 43:3, pp. 325–344 | Article
Usually relegated to a footnote in the historical accounts of planned languages, Sotos Ochando’s Lengua Universal was most likely the first to give rise to a planned language movement. Contrary to later language movements, Sotos Ochando’s had no competing planned language movements to challenge… read more
This article explores the shifting relations that took place from the last decades of the 19th to the first years of the 20th century between two of the most innovative language movements of the time: the spelling reform and the artificial language movements. The article focuses on the United… read more
What kinds of ideas and motivations drove artificial language promoters to face the skepticism, if not the mockery, of public opinion and advocate for one or another artificial language as the best solution to the communication predicament of the world? Were they purely instrumental ideas, or were… read more