Katrien Verveckken

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katrien Verveckken plays a role.


Buyse, Kris, Lydia Fernández Pereda and Katrien Verveckken 2016 The Aprescrilov corpus, or broadening the horizon of Spanish language learning in FlandersSpanish Learner Corpus Research: Current trends and future perspectives, Alonso-Ramos, Margarita (ed.), pp. 143–168 | Article
Learner corpora (LC) are increasingly gaining interest, particularly with regard to their potential to facilitate research in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT). However, there appears to be a lack of progress in establishing strong, bidirectional links between LC… read more
In this paper we present a corpus-based, cognitive-linguistic account of the singular/plural agreement alternation with binominal constructions belonging to the [N1singular + de + N2plural]-type. From a syntagmatic point of view, plural agreement reflects a shift from N1 as the head of the Noun… read more