Anna Ruskan

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Ruskan, Anna and Marta Carretero. 2021. Chapter 15. A cross-linguistic look at the right periphery: Utterance-final pragmatic markers in English, Spanish and Lithuanian. Pragmatic Markers and Peripheries, Van Olmen, Daniël and Jolanta Šinkūnienė (eds.), pp. 415–448
This paper compares the formal and functional features of two sets of English, Spanish and Lithuanian pragmatic markers, one of linking adverbials (then, entonces, tada) and another of evidential adverbials (obviously, evidentemente, aišku). The study deals with the contribution of the right… read more | Chapter
The current study explores the distribution of evidential markers in Lithuanian newspaper discourse. It focuses on the non-agreeing present passive participles (e.g. manoma ‘thought’) and non-agreeing adjectives (e.g. akivaizdu ‘evident’) used as Complement-Taking-Predicates (CTPs) with a… read more | Article