Lynn E. Henrichsen

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This study investigated the social networks developed by language learners during 14 weeks of an intensive English as a second language (ESL) program using the Study Abroad Social Interaction Questionnaire (Dewey, Bown, Baker, Martinsen, Gold, & Eggett, 2014; Dewey, Bown, & Eggett, 2012). It… read more
Ma, Judy Rui, Lynn E. Henrichsen, Troy L. Cox and Mark W. Tanner 2018 Pronunciation’s role in English speaking-proficiency ratingsJournal of Second Language Pronunciation 4:1, pp. 73–102 | Article
Although pronunciation is an integral part of speaking, the role pronunciation plays in determining speaking-proficiency levels is unclear (Higgs & Clifford, 1982; Kang, 2013). To contribute to our understanding of this area, the research reported here investigated the relationship between… read more
Henrichsen, Lynn E. 1985 Listening comprehension in C.C. Fries’ oral approachToward an Understanding of Language: Charles Carpenter Fries in Perspective, Fries, Peter H. and Nancy M. Fries (eds.), pp. 343 ff. | Article