Manuel Almeida Suarez

List of John Benjamins publications for which Manuel Almeida Suarez plays a role.


Almeida Suarez, Manuel and Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy 2024 Chapter 5. Sociophonetic variation in a context of dialect contact: Standardisation and semi-standardisation in Canarian SpanishThe Continuity of Linguistic Change: Selected papers in honour of Juan Andrés Villena-Ponsoda, Vida-Castro, Matilde and Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz (eds.), pp. 100–118 | Chapter
The social contexts of language ​​and dialect contact are an exceptional scenario in which to analyse some of the most innovative outcomes of language change. In these dynamic contexts, mixed language varieties often develop, constructed from elements and structures of the languages ​​or… read more
The study of the changes that are taking place in European dialects reveals the existence of opposing tendencies: convergent, leading to homogenisation, and divergent, promoting diversity. This paper aims to analyse a case of dialect divergence in a speech community in the Canary Islands through… read more
Almeida Suarez, Manuel 2019 Chapter 1. Language hybridism: On the origin of interdialectal formsLanguage Variation - European Perspectives VII: Selected papers from the Ninth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), Malaga, June 2017, Villena-Ponsoda, Juan-Andrés, Francisco Díaz Montesinos, Antonio Manuel Ávila-Muñoz and Matilde Vida-Castro (eds.), pp. 9–26 | Chapter
When two languages or varieties come into contact different processes are activated, in which several linguistic, social and cultural aspects are involved. The study of these processes is interesting because it leads to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying language change and also of… read more
In Spanish, standard sentences such as Pienso que no vendrá ‘I think s/he will not come’ and No se acordó de que tenía que ir ‘S/he forgot s/he had to go’ can alternate respectively with non-standard sentences as Pienso de que no vendrá (dequeísmo) and No se acordó ø que tenía que ir (queísmo). In… read more