Elliott Lash

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elliott Lash plays a role.


Stifter, David, Fangzhe Qiu, Marco A. Aquino-López, Bernhard Bauer, Elliott Lash and Nora White 2022 Strategies in tracing linguistic variation in a corpus of Old Irish texts (CorPH)Corpus studies of language through time: Special issue of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 27:4 (2022), McEnery, Tony, Gavin Brookes and Isobelle Clarke (eds.), pp. 529–553 | Article
This article introduces Corpus PalaeoHibernicum (CorPH), a corpus currently consisting of 78 texts in Early Irish (c. 7th–10th cent.) created by the ERC-funded Chronologicon Hibernicum (ChronHib) project by bringing together pre-existing lexical and syntactic databases and adding further crucial… read more
Lash, Elliott 2010 The rise of OV word order in Irish verbal-noun clausesContinuity and Change in Grammar, Breitbarth, Anne, Christopher Lucas, Sheila Watts and David Willis (eds.), pp. 225–248 | Article
In this paper, I propose a new diachronic analysis of Old Irish OV word order in verbal noun phrases, which replaces an earlier synchronic approach to this OV word order found in Disterheft (1982). The analysis proposed here relies on bracketing ambiguity and morphological underspecification as… read more