Julius Hassemer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Julius Hassemer plays a role.


Hassemer, Julius and Leland McCleary. 2018. The multidimensionality of pointing. Gesture 17:3, pp. 417–463
This paper proposes a novel analysis of deictic gestures which yields a taxonomy of manual pointing. ‘Gesture form analysis’ brings into relief the diversity of pointing by considering the imaginary forms necessarily involved in interpreting a gesture. It combines into a single framework insights… read more | Article
Hassemer, Julius and Bodo Winter. 2016. Producing and perceiving gestures conveying height or shape. Gesture 15:3, pp. 404–424
In this paper, we analyze single-handed hold gestures that convey either the height or the shape of an object. The analyses include (1) differentiating which parts of the hands are profiled in each gesture, (2) considering whether these parts are occluded by other fingers, and (3) deriving… read more | Article