Ahmed Abdel-Raheem

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In this paper, we analyze a large-scale corpus of Arab cartoons to measure the correspondence between grammatical gender in Arabic and personified gender in images. The results show that the effect is very strong for males (a near-perfect relationship between the two, grammatical and visual… read more
The body-swap comedy, where someone finds themselves inhabiting an entirely different body, is a well-established Hollywood tradition. Crucially, American filmmakers have tried every twist and contortion of this genre premise at a point or another over the past few decades. And yet, other… read more
This article examines the role of visual metaphor for moral-political cognition. It makes use of a large corpus of 250 multimodal op-eds about the Euro crisis and lays the foundation for establishing a general system of image-text relations in the op-ed genre. Specifically, the paper addresses… read more
After the 2013 coup d’état in Egypt, the Egyptian media launched strenuous campaigns against the Muslim Brotherhood and the West. In this paper, I present a cognitive analysis of a multimodal text of a cartoon with labels, with the goal of gauging its social/political impact. Crucially, the cartoon… read more
Abdel-Raheem, Ahmed 2014 The JOURNEY metaphor and moral political cognitionPragmatics & Cognition 22:3, pp. 373–401 | Article
Although researchers have paid much attention to the journey metaphor (e.g., Forceville, 2006a, 2011a, 2011b; Forceville & Jeulink, 2011), little seems known about its role for moral political cognition. Using data from the US and UK public discourses on the Euro crisis as an example, this paper… read more