Fernando Martínez-Gil

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Optimality-Theoretic Studies in Spanish Phonology

Edited by Fernando Martínez-Gil and Sonia Colina

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 99] 2006. viii, 564 pp.
Subjects Phonology | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Martínez-Gil, Fernando 2010 Word-minimality and sound change in Hispano-RomanceRomance Linguistics 2009: Selected papers from the 39th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Tucson, Arizona, March 2009, Colina, Sonia, Antxon Olarrea and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), pp. 129–152 | Article
This paper proposes that word minimality, correlated with a bimoraic foot, provides a unitary account of three separate historical developments in the Hispano-Romance languages, to date considered unrelated: the preservation of a word-final nasal, the change /ee/ > /ej/, and yod augmentation in… read more
Martínez-Gil, Fernando 2006 Upstepping vowel height: A constraint-based account of metaphony in Proto-Spanish and Lena AsturianOptimality-Theoretic Studies in Spanish Phonology, Martínez-Gil, Fernando and Sonia Colina (eds.), pp. 99–145 | Article
The main goal of this paper is to argue for a unified analysis of two stepwise vowel raising processes known as metaphony, those of Proto-Spanish and Lena Asturian, within the framework of Optimality Theory (OT). It is shown that previous serial accounts based on autosegmental spreading rules… read more
Martínez-Gil, Fernando and Sonia Colina 2006 IntroductionOptimality-Theoretic Studies in Spanish Phonology, Martínez-Gil, Fernando and Sonia Colina (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Article
Martínez-Gil, Fernando 2001 Sonority as a Primitive Phonological Feature: Evidence from Spanish complex onset phonotacticsFeatures and Interfaces in Romance: Essays in honor of Heles Contreras, Herschensohn, Julia, Enrique Mallén and Karen Zagona (eds.), pp. 203 ff. | Article