Bojana Petric

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bojana Petric plays a role.


Knowledge production in collaborative writing for publication has tended to be studied as fixed in time and place; few studies have focused on the drafting and redrafting of texts and the interactions among the co-authors involved. Using a text history approach to a research article co-authored… read more
Direct quotation (DQ) use varies considerably across disciplines, from complete absence in hard sciences to relative frequency in social sciences. This study investigates DQs in literature, focusing on PhD thesis introductions in English. A corpus of 15 introductions tagged for move-and-step… read more
Khuder, Baraa and Bojana Petric 2021 Chapter 6. Walking on thin ice: Reflexivity in doing ethnographyEthnographies of Academic Writing Research: Theory, methods, and interpretation, Guillén-Galve, Ignacio and Ana Bocanegra-Valle (eds.), pp. 105–124 | Chapter
Researcher reflexivity is important throughout the research process, especially in ethnographic enquiry. This chapter provides a reflexive account of our research experiences with exiled Syrian academics, whose efforts to re-establish their academic careers in their new contexts and publish in… read more