Robert Kleih

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert Kleih plays a role.


Kleih, Robert 2022 “For Preservation of the Frisian Legacy”: Intention und Sprachgebrauch der amerika-friesischen Zeitschrift Frisian RoundtableFrom West to North Frisia: A Journey along the North Sea Coast, Walker, Alastair, Eric Hoekstra, Goffe Jensma, Wendy Vanselow, Willem Visser and Christoph Winter (eds.), pp. 179–196 | Chapter
The American-Frisian bulletin Frisian Roundtable was published between 1975 and 1986 in New York City. Above all, the magazine tried to raise a ‘Frisian awareness’ especially among the North Frisian emigrants in the US which finds its expression in the areas of culture, identity and origin. In… read more